Wholewheat flatbreads called Rotis are eaten by 800 million South Asians daily. Made by hand via a laborious process, with no alternative solutions, results in millions of South Asian women spending close to an hour daily in hot kitchens. Or about 10-12 thousand hours in a lifetime.

Rotimatic is world’s first robot in a kitchen which makes fresh and healthy rotis at a touch of a button. Fully automatic, does it all end to end. With 7 patents filed, Rotimatic is a remarkable specimen of product design engineering integrating mechanical design, firmware algorithms, materials science and food technology to deliver a dream like futuristic solution.

Designed with prominent curves, bold details and strokes of orange on fine white, Rotimatic design is cheerful and hints a sense of fun. A design philosophy chosen to go beyond mere sleek design and make Rotimatic approachable. A breath of fresh air in an otherwise established “mature” looking appliances category. Each cosmetic design feature is designed with strong functionality and user-experience rationale behind it. Rotimatic is designed to be as inviting, obvious and no-brainer to use as possible for people of all age groups.

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