Design Concept:
Nature-inspired lines and shapes with curving appearance bring cleanness and elegance to the product, along with the design of transparent filter covers, giving the water purifier an absolutely clean and sleek aesthetic.
Its simple and intuitive user interface and wifi function further enrich the users smart home experience.

1. RO filter (use DOW’s Reverse Osmosis Membrane), 1.3 liter water flow per minute. User can instantly enjoy purified water.
2. No Bucket and motor. Directly drink from purified water, which can prevent second time pollution. Power saving and environmental friendly.
3. With notification from APP, users can change filter in time and enjoy purified water.
4. Integrated water board design prevent water leaking problem.
5. Water purifier use pressure-free faucet, can prevent device from taking pressure, and have a longer usage life. Food grade stainless steel material gives better and safer water.

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