This is a water filtration device installed in the kitchen to eliminate harmful materials such as fine particles, rust residue, chlorinated ingredients, and heavy metals from contaminated tap water to provide clean drinking water. This product can be used differently depending on the water receptacle, which is why it has two faucets with different purposes combined in one device. The left faucet protrudes forward and can be conveniently used for cups, bowls, or other such containers. A button lets users select exactly 120, 250, or 500 mL of water so they can dispense as much water as they need. The faucet on the right can dispense 1 L of water, and a 1 L water bottle is provided especially for it. This cylindrical bottle fits naturally into the curve of the water filtration device so it can be placed stably under the faucet. This means users can do something else while filling the 1 L bottle, and full bottles can be used elsewhere or refrigerated for practical use. As this product provides clean water, the materials chosen for it have to comply with strict standards.

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