This water filtration device with the high capacity direct feed technology is optimized for businesses such as restaurants that quickly provide water to many customers and can quickly dispense water to rapidly fill water bottles. The faucets are separated so customers can easily collect water in cups as well, and the hot/cold water functions are excluded, suitable for businesses that fill water bottles to store refrigerated. We chose a mechanical water purification method using water pressure alone so no additional electrical equipment is needed to save energy and minimize maintenance costs.
User centered design to provide new and convenient experiences : By offering two different types of faucets, including the dial type faucet for continuous extracting and the lever type faucet for convenient extracting by customers, the selection can be made extracting on needs intuitionally. The height and space of the bottle tray were set not to bend waist as well as designed considering the size of various water bottles. Additionally it serves easy installation with slim design in many different environments.

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