The product is a new concept of ham holder (for spanish cured hams) based on an innovative ball joint system (patented), which allows total freedom for rotating, positioning and cutting and many other interesting attributes:

– Single point of anchorage. No second point is required. No unuseful spikes, which deteriorates the ham and accumulates dirt and waste
– The ham can stand and be cut “on the air”, without resting on the board
– Don’t have to take out the ham from the holder until it is fully finished
– Plain base surface. Easy to clean
– Unimpeded for cutting all across the surface of the ham
– Possibility of baseless installation, on a table or wall. Optimization of spaces
– Excellent stability. Safe cutting
– Aesthetics and differentiation: A current, attractive and distinctive holder, with a variety of finishes to choose and combine with the environment
– Demountable.

Cut ham has never been so clean, effortless and easy. The Nero ham holder is designed to contribute to the art of cutting ham, offering high added value in terms of functionality, usability, safety, versatility and aesthetics.
The ultimate and everlasting ham holder.

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