With the MicroPro Series Grill, different cooking methods are combined in one product: grilling meat, fish, vegetables, even sandwiches and also cook au gratin and prepare gourmet casseroles in the microwave oven. This innovation is our response to a growing demand for easy, quick and healthy cooking solutions. The stainless steel base is heated by the encased susceptors, to grill food from both the top and bottom part. These susceptors in the cover and base (made of a material that absorbs electromagnetic energy and converts it to heat) heat up the device, to give the foods golden-brown results. The central raised area with an all-around channel collects excess fats, for healthier meals. An Eterna® nonstick coating inside the base and cover provides an easy handling, serving, and cleaning. The large handle on the cover, together with a silicone rim all around the base that serves as handles, make it easy to hold or transport, even with oven gloves. Four silicone feet elevate the base in order for microwaves to reach and heat the bottom susceptors when cooking food. Two pictograms on top of the cover indicate the 2 cooking positions: complete grilling or gratin/crispy top cooking.

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