For the limited living space in Asia, we developed Micro Kitchen it is capable of easy, diversified, and healthy cooking.
Equipped with a separate heater, the Micro Kitchen comprises three types of cooking ware in a modular design for different cooking applications. The circular groove design of grill pan makes it possible to prepare steamed-grilled dishes by only adding water. It provides the taste of “crunchy outside, tender inside”. Slanting lines can filter out extra oil. The metal lid of soup pot featuring a “power seal” function keeps the juice of ingredients circulating in the cooker and users can enjoy natural taste & complete nutrition. The rice cooking pot allows users to cook milled rice, brown rice, and mixed grain rice. The heat preservation plate can keep cooked rice warm without consuming electricity up to 3 hours. It also can contain foods to diversify its applications. The heater is equipped with multiple cooking options and a timer function, it is safe and convenient. Inspired by the pleasant image of traditional ceramic pots, it matches the furniture of different styles easily for users to directly use it on the dining table after cooking.

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