This is an intelligent IH rice cooker with pressure control. By changing the inner pressure of the inner pot and the IH firepower, the rice cooker can cook marvelous sweet rice, satisfying the city’s growing demand for rice.
Design concept:
Based on the idea of “creating a better life for mankind”, we incorporate design, performance and refinement into our products.
The appearance of the rice cooker emphasizes the overall sense and metallic sense. This product covers and the fuselage has two iconic cutting surface, it has a sense of architectural beauty. Body three-dimensional drawing metal and face cover drawing process, can reflect the whole high-quality. Decorative and open the surface of the use of real metal, so that the product details more delicate and easy to clean and maintenance. Hidden flat interface and simple operation of the dual-screen display, allowing users to get a good interactive experience.
DTechnical aspect:
Through the control of the pressure inside the pot from the high pressure suddenly released to low pressure, this rice cooker to achieve the cooking process of rice intense boiling. With the IH electromagnetic heating technology of large

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