The M-Press Maker is an intuitive and easy to use product to prepare rolls and bars, such as homemade croquettes, gnocchi and fish sticks in no time.
A wide opening allows for easy filling and the plunger is designed for an optimal performance when pressing down the food and pulling it back before refilling. A technical surface structure on the bottom of this part avoids the sticking of food and ensures an easy sliding of the preparation through the container. Two nozzle inserts and the scraper can be perfectly stored inside the plunger. The wide foot, with antiskid feet, creates a good stability and serves as a support for the hand holding the product in place while operating the plunger. The scraper can be used to fill the product and it slides in, to block the nozzles for an optimal compression of the food before pressing it through. It also doubles as a tool to cut and carry the extruded rolls or bars. The tray, sized to the capacity of 1 container with rolls of 2.2 cm, is sliding forward with the food, when it is pushed through the nozzles, making sure that the rolls remain in perfect condition. The markings on the tray help the user to cut the extruded rolls into even pieces and the pictograms show the assembly of the product. A QR-code is linked to a mini-website with videos and instructions.

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