In the Chinese catering culture , ‘steaming cooking culture’ is the representative of healthiness and nature. More and more people use the ‘steaming’ to cook the food. However, the traditional ‘steaming’ is slow on heating the food, which can not satisfy the more and more faster pace of life of the metropolis consumers.It adopts the incrustation proof vapor ejector , and also a small amount of microwave as the assist. In this way , the steam cooking time is hugely cut down , and we achieve to satisfy the needs of healthy diet and care for the family of the people who in a fast pace of life. Lucky clover also has the moral of love,health,glory,riches.
The inspiration of the control panel is from the eagle eye , large ring sliding operation experience , along with the gesture interaction , with all of these we bring to the users healthiness as well as the fun of interaction. With the 12 degree angle of inclination ergonomic operation interface , the operation becomes more convenient. On the integrated handle we applied metal anodizing , which is perfectly blended with the whole body arc. And also we applied the extraposition water tank , which helps the users to add water anytime

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