The initiative Joyoung full-automatic household noodle maker follows traditional production method of handmade noodle, dividing the process into dough kneading, dough leavening and dough pressing, which ensures the chewiness and quality of noodles. By means of die heads, the appliance is able to produce wide, narrow, thick, thin, fine and hollow noddles and dumpling wrappers and together with colorful vegetable juices, users could DIY attractive nutritious noodles. 1. After thousands of kneading, the appliance will produce small-sized and sufficiently kneaded paste. 2. By virtue of traditional dough pressing and leavening methods, the noodle will be more chewy. 3. With a variety of colors and patterns, you could DIY your own nutritious life. 4. Due to the full-automatic processes, it is able to produce noodles with a gentle press. 5. Mini-sized structure is convenient for appliance storage.

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