Joyoung Superblend has an integrated cooking function and allows speedy and simple preparation of smoothies as well as hot soups.
With the powerful 40,000 revolutions per minute use only 1000-watt motor, this device blends all kinds of foods evenly and energy-efficient.
Through the design of the blade, with asymmetric blade angle, make it have more cutting layers.
The specifically developed noise reduction system reduces noise to 82 db, deals with this in several ways: the innovative design of grid-like Silica gel around the bearing, the motor has been noise-optimized.
The S-ring in the waist of the product, it increases the brightness according to the speed increase, but also can be more convenient mobile products.
With wifi connection, you can control the blender by APP, and you also can upgrade & share the recipe program. making the cooking process more fun and easy.
Use of the rotary control knob is intuitive and uncomplicated – for cooking turn to the left, for blending turn to the right.

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