This design makes people not just able to drink clean water, but to do it with the desired temperature and volume, both in the form of direct drinking and as a base for other beverages. The design also enables drinker to record intake volume systematically, which leads drinking habit. A precise temperature can be chosen according to the type of beverage used, operated either through the touch panel on machine, or APP.The APP can also upload the recipes on social media and share with whoever. Through such designs, we hope to enhance people health and more constructive social relationships.The first point is integrating the filter, instant heating, temperature adjusting and volume adjusting in one equipment. It makes user to getting the right temperature and volume to enjoy the best beverage flavor every time. The second point is we develop a APP with the equipment as a whole.The APP can record the user intake database to lead a health drinking habit. And the APP can also can choose the precise temperature according to the beverage used. Users can do the real-time communication with the APP and share recipes on the network.

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