The stylish and compact Bianco IFH Water Station is designed by famous Italian designer. The STRIX patented Instant Fast Heating System can provide the required amount of hot water accurately and instantly. There are 4 pre-setting temperatures and free temperature setting with slider control from 40-100°C, also with 3 preset volume and free continuous dispensing option. It is time and energy saving to prepare different healthy drinks. The auto notification is available for descale, refill water and replace filter. Child-lock key and over-heat automatic protection provide double safety measures. The distinct LED screen displays temperatures in Celsius/Fahrenheit, filter replacement, refill water and descale clearly. Drip trap with float indicator is detached for tall cup application. Furthermore, 2 liter capacity water supply and serving jug with easy grasp handle, smooth pouring spout and direct filling through cover opening is easy to use. Integrated AQUA OPTIMA water filter cartridges with a unique patented 5-steps filtration system can remove impurities effectively.

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