This is a super high speed blender with cell wall disruption.
The revolving speed of traditional blender is 10 thousand revolutions per minute but the revolving speed of this blender with cell wall disruption is over 30 thousand revolutions per minute. Because of the super high speed, almost all the food can be completely broken into pieces, the nutrients of food are completely released. Combined with the specific patented technology of dull tackle of SUPOR, it ensures that it is nutritious and the drinks taste silky and delicate.
This product also has a design of hot and cold cups to meet different needs of Chinese consumers. At the same time, we design the specific heating curve for the hot cup of this product to meet the dietary habits of Chinese consumers.
As a brand-new category in the Chinese market, as soon as it appears on the market, it sells well for months and is increasing in a geometrical ratio, leading the development of the blender industry.

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