This is a water filtration device installed in the kitchen to purify harmful materials such as fine particles, rust residue, chlorinated ingredients, and heavy metals from contaminated tap water to provide clean drinking water. It provides room-temperature, hot, and cold water. The temperature of hot water can be adjusted to three levels with temperatures especially for frequently-used tea, coffee, or powdered milk for more convenience.
While kitchens are gradually shrinking as one- or two-person households become more common, more types of products are being placed in kitchens. Users’ needs for small products with multiple features are growing. We focused on usability while researching a design and form factor that could achieve small product size through new technology. Existing products are slim but deep (like the shape of a PC). Thus, these products partition space when placed on sinks. Users naturally place these products’ sides immediately adjacent to a wall. They are also inconvenient as they require larger bowls to be held in the hands while dispensing water due to lack of sink space. We intended to simultaneously resolve the problems of usability and incongruity.

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