The simplicity line of household appliances offers simplified interaction and possibility to equip the kitchen with the visually-unified range. The line includes typical products necessary for the first household purchase, such as a built-in oven, dishwasher, induction, gas hob, fridge-freezer, cooker hood, as well as a washing and drying machine. Distinguished by refined, unobtrusive aesthetics, it is available in white or black and fits in the variety of kitchen ambients. Carefully designed central knob is visually highlighted with brushed aluminium and together with the handle forms recognisable aesthetics. User interaction is simplified by the reduced number of buttons, replaced by the central knob that enables easy and fast selection of preset programmes. Just select the programme and the appliance starts with the process. Single-knob operation is supported by adaptive technology memorising the users’ most common programme adjustments and automatically suggests them next time. The products are supplemented with smart solutions, like Simple off gas hob, Simple slide fridge shelves and automatic cooker hood performance.

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