Go Flow is a kitchen corner storage product. It is aesthetically appealing and functionally superior. The genius of Go Flow lies in its “Universal Door Opening” design i.e. (same product opens from Left Hand Side & Right Hand Side both), which is ‘First Time’ ever in the world of Modular Kitchen Industry across the globe. It also has other elegant features like Maximum storage space, Maximum Product Opening, Silent operation, Soft opening & Soft closing with Height Adjustment. There is Installation Guide and Installation Template for fitting, which are made so easy that even a Layman can install the product. Go Flow is made from high quality stainless steel and pre-laminated UV coated high gloss wooden base. Go Flow is developed in such a way, that end user can easily use it with feel of perfection. Even there is an installation video of Go Flow on our YouTube channel and Vimeo for perfect installation of the product.

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