FP100 is an all-in-one cooking unit that combines many kitchen tools into one stylish, compact and easy-to-use appliance.
Mixers, blenders, graters, slicers, and even some cookware can be replaced by FP100. Whether it be meat, fish, vegetables, rice, pasta sauces, puddings, baby food, etc., FP100 can handle it all.
FP100 will encourage the cook to use fresh and healthy ingredients in preparing food for the family.
FP100 combines the various food preparation functions into one compact, fast and powerful appliance. The soft-touch controls enhance the look and feel of FP100 while giving the user easy access to all functions.
Like any precious possession, you will develop a passion for FP100, and will anxiously look forward to preparing the next meal.
With FP100 the user can decide to vary the recipes by changing parameters like:
The speed of the blade, The temperature, The time of cooking.
This allows the user to be free to set the cooking process.
FP100 can personalize three automatic programs that allow the user to prepare favorite recipes by just inserting the ingredients and choosing your pre-set program.

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