Perfectly matching our toasters volcano 5, ritterwerk now presents the first kettle in its more than 100 years of history. Kettle fontana 5 keeps true to the reduced, puristic, clear and timeless Bauhaus features. Instead of recycling old designs in retro, the user-friendliness does define the looks. Hence, also the kettle does bear the same Bauhaus elements typical of ritter products. Reduction to the essential. Long-lasting materials. Production on site.

fontana5 is currently the only kettle in the world to bear the Blue Angel environment label. The kettle was awarded the quality seal due to its low energy consumption and high quality.

The cordless kettle with 360° rotating base does have a heat-resistant high-quality acrylic housing. The double-sided indicator allows to easily read the water level. LED indicators show the set temperatures of 70°, 80°, 95° and 100°C. All safety requirements are fulfilled by overheating protection, boil-dry protection and automatic switch-off functions.

fontana 5 – of course 'made in Germany', as all other products by ritter.

– cordless kettle with 360° rotating base
– heat-resistant acrylic housing
– double-sided water level indicator
– safety lid with lock mechanism
– removable lime-scale filter
– covered heating element with stainless steel protector plate
– cord storage in the base with two cord exits
– four rubber feet to prevent slipping
– 70°, 80°, 95° and 100°C temperature settings with LED indicator
– overheating protection with automatic switch-off when the set temperature is reached
– boil-dry protection with automatic switch-off when kettle is empty
– automatic switch-off when kettle is removed from base
– 1,1 liter capacity

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