Cuisine Companion by Moulinex is a friendly cooking partner coming with 6 automatic programs. Instinctive, creative and nice looking, the ideal partner to learn how to cook at your own pace, developing new skills and integrating new recipes to your record! A direct access to home made meals from starter to dessert, in one single appliance, whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned cook making fast or more elaborate daily recipes.

• This Cooking food processor comes with five accessories: a very sharp knife to cut and to mix finely ingredients of all kind, a serrated knife grinder/ kneader to pulverize hard ingredients and knead all kind of pastries, an emulsifier, a stirrer to homogenize and a steamer basket for smooth cooking. It cuts, mixes, stirs, beats and cooks in big quantities thanks to its 4.5L full bowl capacity (up to 6 servings).
• In just 1 click you can find six automatic programs allowing to make creamy sauces, steaming, hot or cold soups, with or without pieces, simmering, preparing pastries, achieving all kind of desserts. It becomes incredibly easy to prepare everyday meals: just insert the tool and the ingredients, select the program and let Cuisine Companion work. Ideal for people who are not necessarily cooking experts but simply looking to answer to the fundamental question: “what do we eat tonight?”
• The manual mode allows you to create your own recipes by selecting speed, temperature and time cooking. So you can go on developing your culinary skills and to add more recipes to your records!

The design of Cuisine Companion is expressing the product concept friendliness, getting away from the machine look, it refers to an emotional companion in the kitchen.
It clearly puts the emphasis on the man machine interface:
The control panel, designed in a generous format, supports an intuitive “user friendly” IHM, by the use of explicit colored pictograms, and a clear fonctionnal layont partition between manual and automatic programs.
The same attention to ergonomics has been brought to the design of ergonomic handles and overall ease of use when processing.
Although being a very complete food processor, with a large bowl, it remains compact.
Its technology and materials (stainless steel and chromium) express its robustness, professional and statutory ambition while inviting its owner to the pleasure of a new cooking experience.

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