This is an ice/cold/hot water purifier that removes heavy metals, carcinogens, and bacteria to provide healthy water from a cutting-edge combined filter and allows the user to choose from ordinary or crushed ice.
A usable product from which users can select the appropriate ice size for various drinks or cooking.
We designed this product to look smaller while emphasizing its ice feature.
Accepting these structural limitations, We separated the ice and water to emphasize the product’s features.
The ice part naturally protrudes to highlight this feature and clarifying the concept of an ice/water filtration device.
There is an instant hot water system so that hot water is made only when it is to be dispensed to reduce energy use.
Users can select temperatures for powdered milk, tea, or coffee with its 3-step customized hot water system.
The device has automatic faucet sterilization in addition to the usual flow channel and tank sterilization.
Automatic sliding sterilization is managed via a sliding sterilization module that covers the faucet, and water from this process is drained automatically.

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