CHP-264L is a water filtration device that provides cold/hot/room-temperature water while emphasizing safety and energy-saving functions.
We concentrated on minimizing the number of parts while creating a design with character.
The front surface is concave, symbolizing the collection of water in one place, and better than a flat surface for receiving water.
Silver painting on the controls gives a harmonious two-tone effect combined with white in a luxurious design.
Drinking water is dispensed with the press of a lever, and users can remove their cups from the lever to stop dispensing to reduce water spills.
Since hot water of 95 degrees comes from this device, we prioritized safety and made it so users can only get hot water by pushing the lever while the “Turn off hot water lock” button is pressed to prevent burns to children or the elderly.
This device offers a convenient yet powerful power-saving feature, and users can easily turn the hot or cold water on or off.
Lighting in the shape of icons showing whether the hot/cold water is on or off is in the same line above the associated tap, so users can see each feature’s status at a glance.

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