The mini water fountain for C’estbon 4.5L bottled water is designed for the convenience of users to use 4.5L bottled water;
4.5L bottled water is portable and its reasonable capacity enables people to use it up as soon as possible so as to reduce air’s pollution to the water quality.
C’estbon mini water fountain is so small that it is suitable to be put on a desk or kitchen countertops; the water fountain looks rounded and concise. The concave water cup position and key-type intaking switch can give users’ special experience. The machine adopts food-grade ABS material and small internal aqua storage tank, which reduce the time that water stays in the machine, thus mitigating the pollution to the water quality.
The mini water fountain is completely design for the shape of C’estbon 4.5L barrel. When the barrel is installed on the water fountain, the entire shape looks like an hourglass. The process of drinking water is just like the process of the lapse of time. The collocation of black and white on the entire product makes it full of the philosophy of life.
This product can control the cost effectively, which make it appropriate for promotion in stores and supermarkets.

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