The Toast Select Luxe has enhanced consumers toasting experience by taking the complexity out of toasting. The Toast Select Luxe eliminates the guess work in toasting different bread types which require different toasting times. Simply select your favorite toast colour, then change the bread type and the Toast Select Luxe will automatically adjust the toasting time to ensure consistent ,even, results every time.
The Toast Select Luxe integrates Brevilles world first features – ‘Lift & Look’ which allows checking the toast without cancelling the cycle and ‘A Bit More’™ button for when your toast comes up a bit light.
These features are delivered in an innovative style that enhances the iconic imagery of a toaster. Once common place on toasters Breville has reintroduced functional handles on our toasters in a style that reflects the quality and durability of classic cookware and the Breville Thermal Pro premium cookware range. These meaningful features compliment the Breville visual brand language while defining an innovative style and function within the Luxe range.

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