What common kitchen appliance has a multitude of buttons that you don’t know how to use, results in overheated and dehydrated food and looks more like it belongs in a science lab than a kitchen?

Following months of exhaustive testing with different food types & volumes the Breville Quick Touch Microwave offers SMART Cook, Reheat & Defrost functions that take the guess work out of cooking. Based on the users input of food type and weight the unit uses pre-determined times, power levels & cooking profiles to give optimum results. We’ve even added ‘A Bit More’ button should a little extra cooking time be required!
The large LCD displays both power & time making it easy to adjust your settings before, and for the first time during the cooking operation. Notice your soup bubbling and just turn down the power! A range of shortcut auto food options allow the user to melt chocolate, soften butter or even programme their favourite setting. Utility functions enable unit conversion between grams & ounces, beep volume adjustment & an independent kitchen timer.
Finished in a brushed stainless steel trim the Quick Touch is the intuitive microwave with smart settings that won’t spill the beans!

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