Citrus fruits come in all shapes and sizes. So how do you juice all citrus fruit, from the smallest lime, through lemons and oranges to the largest grapefruit, all on the same cone?

We know that not all citrus fruit is created equal, so we designed this Citrus Press to maximise juice yield from all types of citrus, making juicing easier and more enjoyable.

Breville has invented a unique Citrus Cone and Reamer, designed with undulating fins, to extract juice all the way to the rind, regardless of size. This makes our juicing cone effective for all citrus fruit sizes.

A pull down handle holds the citrus fruit on top of the cone at the optimum angle to avoid sticky fingers. The handle requires less grip strength than conventional, hand-held reamers, increases leverage and reduces effort. As a result, juice can be produced up to 5 times faster, making it easier to prepare juice for your friends or family.

The Citrus Press also features a whisper quiet motor and drip-stopping spout. Easy cleaning, thanks to our lift-away juicing assembly and pulp collector, also enhances your juicing experience.

Juicing is now sweeter than ever with more variety, more juice, and less fuss.

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