Through the analysis of large data, we found that Chinese consumers’ attentions and demands on barbecue appliances increased significantly. So we developed MINI– a kind of barbecue electrical appliances for low-end market.

MINI is very small and exquisite. It is easy to move and storage. It has precise temperature control technology. To make it easier for users to master the furnace. The bottom shell with double protection design is to ensure the safety of the product. It adopts the smooth surface texture and pan partition design, to meet the different needs of cooking. Spaying the oil-free coated can absorb oil molecular. It is not only can reduce 85% of the fume, but also can make the pan more easy to clean. There are 3 different designs of surface with 3 kinds of color collocation, which can make the purchasing choices more abundant.

MINI first come to market on December 2016 and it won the unanimous endorsement of consumers.

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