Aura Cebilon Unique Reverse Osmosis System is used to obtain healthy and delicious drinking water. It is more compact and space-saving according to its peers. Because the water storage tank is put into our product. Access to filter is very easy thanks to its removable front and top covers. Also filter change can be made in seconds thanks to its special design. With the digital control panel, lifetime of the each filter can be adjusted as gallon. When water passes through the filters, set value starts to decrease. So the users can easily check the life of the filter. When filter life finishes, our device gives change time warning. In other RO devices, even if the device is little-used, filters are changed at fixed intervals. In this case our product prevents the unnecessary filter change. In the case of water leakage, our product gives warning, solenoid valve closes the water inlet and prevents flood. In the case of water cut our device give also warning. Imitated poor quality filters can be installed to RO devices instead of original filters and customer health can be affected negatively. Our product has been designed according to only original filter change.

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