As an indispensable drink for Turkish Nation, tea in Turkey, is prepared in a double-boiler teapot. Having well-steeped tea and boiling water in two different pots allows arranging the taste of the tea at each glass by mixing boiled water and brewed tea at desired amount. In this scenario however, having the tea leaves inside, remaining tea in the pot continues brewing, spoiling the taste of the tea and making it bitter by time. In this respect, Cayci Heptaze is an innovative electrical teamaker which, by easily moving the tea filter away from the brewed-tea after it’s steeped, enables tea to preserve its taste and freshness for a longer period of time. In accordance with product ID of the brand, Cayci Heptaze is designed with a simple form language; having clean surfaces, refined details and high quality food-safe materials. Brewing pot of Heptaze is made of glass for quality and hygienic reasons. The stainless-steel tea filter can be easily separated from the lid and washed in dishwasher. Thanks to the ‘keep warm’ function, it saves users from boiling water over and over again. It comes with an additional lid which enables boiler pot of the teamaker to be used as a kettle.

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