Appkettle is the world’s most advanced domestic electric kettle that can be controlled anywhere using WiFi, 3G or 4G with the included iOS or Android App. Developed from the UK, this product is the result of several years research and development into sensor and App technologies within small domestic appliances.

Appkettle technology is class leading. It measures volume more accurately (~30ml), temperature more precisely (~1-3 ºC) and is extremely energy efficient, using <2 Watts and <1Watt in "Standby" and "Off" respectively. Appkettle’s elegant design consists of brushed stainless steel body and base, a world first double glass water window and a beautifully clear LED display. The lid is effortless to remove and clip in, whilst the handle is comfortable for any left or right-handed user. Appkettle will simply illuminate any kitchen with its refined beauty and iconic design. Appkettle combines smart technology with simple intuitive app and base controls, to maximise a kettle’s potential and to expand it beyond what you thought was possible. Update - Appkettle is being linked (early March 2017 completion) with Alexa Skill Voice Control (Amazon Echo). Video included.

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