The CHPSI-8500L includes the basic features of cold, hot, and room-temperature water as well as ice and carbonated water all together to satisfy various consumer needs. Users can check the product status through IoCare Monitoring for peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction.
The CHPSI-8500L has two major design points.
More functions mean more buttons and thus a product that is more difficult to use. We designed this product to be simple and clear through in-depth discussion of the UX, with a tidy display and control layout and top-down controls so users can find the information they want and hold their cups naturally.
Its specifications influenced its size and form, and we designed it with a minimal, all-in-one look. We reimagined a look and trendy colors suitable for an advanced product while maintaining Coway’s basic design identity to add more value to kitchen interiors.
Exquisite details like the pattern at the bottom of the ice dispenser that shows more clearly when the welcome lighting is on or the transparent faucets, unique among these devices, perfectly complete the product design.

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