The CHPI-7500L is a water filtration device that provides hot, cold, or room-temperature water as well as purified ice using a filtration system. As this product must consistently provide clean water and ice, its internal water tank, flow channels, and faucet can be sterilized with a single touch. If no water is used for 24 hours, stored water is automatically drained so water from the device is always fresh. Users can set their desired temperature and quantity to dispense with one touch, making this device simple even for first-time users.
Describe the three design points of CHPI-7500L :
First, the subtle ice pattern on the front naturally separates the device’s water and ice features and offers users a refreshing experience when they dispense ice.
Second, the transparent faucet helps keep the device clean by allowing users to see any internal contamination at a glance.
Third, the quantity of water drunk is visualized so users can more intuitively see it. Thus, the device can build healthy drinking habits for the long term.

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