IAMBIA-LINE knife holder – Organisation at its best
The AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system has been specially designed to go with the LEGRABOX box system. It boasts a slender minimalist design and offers a multitude of applications. The universal frames harmonise beautifully with LEGRABOX in terms of form, colour and material. The frames can be positioned wherever required, elegantly organising interiors throughout the home.
The AMBIA-LINE knife holder is a practical kitchen accessory by Blum. The knife holder keeps up to nine knives safe and sound in drawers. Users have full visibility and easy access to knives. The knife holder is made of high quality nylon and stainless steel components. Its simple and sleek design harmonises beautifully with the AMBIA-LINE frame and ideally complements the inner dividing system that has been specially designed for the straight-cut box system.

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