The design of the Perfect Corner Cabinet is original. It originates from the unique web-thinking and logic of the Chinese and has solved the long-lasting problems of insufficient storage and inconvenient pickup of items in corner cabinets. This series of corner cabinet is divided into multiple layers through rails. The flat layer is divided into ten drawers which can be pulled out separately. The whole cabinet can be unfolded at a 270-degree angle like a transformer, leaving adequate storage space in the corner and making item classification orderly. The product has won users’ rave praise in the market and has brought a perfect cooking experience to the customers. Surely, many customers install this product in any other corners such bedrooms and studies to place children’s toys, clothes or data cable, etc. Daeshin has broken the conventional mode by carrying out in-depth research. After two years’ efforts, Daeshin successfully developed the Perfect Corner Cabinet which allows reasonable space division, orderly item arrangement and a 100% corner space efficiency. This design is the world’s first and unique.

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