For cabinetmakers and kitchen builders who want to combine top quality with cost efficiency and a considerable gain in time, Unilin – inventor of the revolutionary Uniclic® system – has developed a unique and complete range of kitchen frames. ClicBox enables you to just click the different components together without the need for a single screw, glue or a screwdriver. And even then, the construction is strong and solid!

The implementation of Uniclic® into the ClicBox concept entails a radical simplification and consequently, a huge gain in time when assembling kitchen frames. Thanks to the special tongue and groove system, panels can be clicked together without the need for a single screw or any tool. As easy as shooting fish in a barrel. All other ClicBox parts, just like the upper cabinets hanging bracket system and the wider kitchen cabinets centerpost, are also completely tool-less. That is why ClicBox can be assembled 5 times more quickly than traditional kitchen frames.
On top of that, the Uniclic® connection is more solid, more stable and less visible than a classic connection system with screws.

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