This concept is totally new to the kitchen world. Boxis can be fitted on any type of kitchen to give it a contemporary look. Boxis replaces traditional hanging cabinets, actually it transforms and reinvents itself. It becomes less deep and extends down to the countertop in order to use more rationally the space in between, which would otherwise be empty and with no function. Cabinet doors disappear and the space inside can be organized with special objects and kitchen tools, to complete the functionality of kitchen countertops. For example, in the “washing” area the boxis range offers a plate rack, a draining board, and a box for herbs. In the “working” area we can find knife racks, little boxes for garlic and onions, and a bookrest.. whereas the “cooking” area will have a spice rack, or a ladle rack…
These units are 20cm deep, 100 cm high, while there are no length limitations, as it is a modular composition which follows the size of cabinet modules. This surface is less deep and modular, and therefore more ergonomic.

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