The Electrolux ‘Ouyi’ refrigerator was launched in China to provide a highly differentiated product that would enable consumers to spend less time on household chores and more on enjoying their passions. The clean, minimalist exterior was designed to blend seamlessly into any context, from the kitchen to the living area. Dubbed the ‘best looking fridge in China’ by the trade for its modern integrated handles, seamless display and curved glass doors with soft corners; this highly intuitive refrigerator isn’t just engaging, it also rewards interaction. A proximity sensor subtly awakens the IQTouch™ TFT panel, providing smart flexibility and control of the fridge’s functions, while the LightCraft™ illuminated door handle enhances the ambience of the home. Inside, the Flexstor™ door can be easily reconfigured, making room for taller bottles and larger items. Innovative features like Multiflow and Deofresh™ enhance freshness, while the Nutrilight™ crisper preserves the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. The Electrolux ‘Ouyi’ is breaking category standards with its unique user experience that offers consumers both inspiring design and confidence in food preservation.

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