The product has functions of automatic identification and overdue reminder of ingredients, health management, online shopping, etc. It helps users to manage the food in the refrigerator conveniently and scientifically. The mental brushed coated glass panel combines the texture of mental and glass, and is also equipped with a 21.5-inch full-circle true color screen, achieving unprecedented product visual experience and interactive experience. The product can also bind mobile phones and other terminals, so that users can finish operations of placing an order, purchase, sharing recipes, remote view, and so on. 1. Surface light source can satisfy the evenness of spatial lighting from different angles. 2. RFID label design can automatically identify the foods in the freezer and the corresponding information of location; 3. To care for safety and health of the aged, this product is provided with a drug area. The APP function can push information automatically to remind the aged of taking drugs. The system will automatically record the opening/closing data of refrigerator door and judge whether the aged takes the drugs or not.

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