This built-in freezer is part of ATAG’s premium Magna line, targeted at the demanding home chef. It has a beautiful design with high quality materials like glass for the shelves and st.steel applications on the fronts of the drawers, as well as an LED lighting to illuminate the content of the drawers.

The cooling performance is excellent, with a digital temperature control and a low use of energy. It has the No Frost system: no longer needed to defrost the freezer, with a higher efficiency and maintaining maximum capacity since there is no longer a build-up of ice. Another advantage is that labels on frozen food can be read because there are no ice crystals. The freezer has an eco-setting and the Adaptech feature: it learns when the door is opened most often and adapts the power curve to this particular behavior.

It is flexible to use through the different sizes of drawers and through the option that drawers can be removed entirely and bigger objects can be placed directly on the glass shelves. The fully extendable drawers have good access.

The freezer KD84178CD can be combined very beautifully with the refrigerator KD84178AF, to make a built-in side-by-side combination.

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