Dimchae Premium brings together high-grade materials like metal, glass, and wood. The contrast between soft contoured glass and strong metal offers novelty and luxury never before seen in a refrigerator. The wooden pattern on the handle naturally guides the contrast between the metal and glass to bring it into harmony with surrounding furniture.

Dimchae Premium has 3 storage technologies unique to original Dimchae.
First, It is divided into 4 compartments with independent cooling so users can control the storage temperature of each part to store different types of food. Second, each part has a dedicated mode for vegetables, fruit, meat, or frozen products rather than a temperature expressed in numbers so features can be intuitively selected with customized control for each type of food to maintain taste and freshness. Finally, 3 types of crystal sealed containers inside the refrigerator prevent food smells from mixing and reduce moisture damage to food. Dimchae Premium offers its users health and pleasure through specialized food storage.

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