Liebherr’s new BlackSteel fridge-freezer combines modern design with timeless elegance. The premium SmartSteel finish not only significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints and is very easy to clean, but also offers a new level of scratch resistance. DuoCooling provides two separate cooling circuits, which means that the temperatures in the refrigeration and freezer compartments are independently and accurately controlled. With BioFresh, multi-purpose storage shelves, variable bottle shelf as well as NoFrost in the freezer compartment, these devices provide a freshness quality as well as perfect comfort for daily use. BioFresh stores the food at a temperature of just above 0°C and the ideal air humidity keeps it fresh for up to three times longer than when stored in a conventional refrigerator compartment. In the BioFresh climate, food retains vitamins, freshness quality and the perfect taste. Professional cooling quality is provided by the NoFrost cooling technology, which makes manual defrosting a thing of the past. The stylish aluminium handle incorporates an integrated opening mechanism which makes the door effortless to open.

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