Bell’O fridge is all about fresh, inventive yet essential Italian rooted design. Stylish and premium materials give a contemporary look and therefore make it perfect for a modern kitchen environment.
The gentle curve of the door is enriched by an ergonomic integrated handle, with a functional texture for better grip and a unique rounded display that ensures a new simplified usability. Thanks to Wi-Fi connection, you have the first personal assistant who takes care of you. A world of extra services is available on Candy simply-Fi App to discover the most suitable cooling solutions for your needs. You can adjust temperature or select freezing functions to manage your fridge as you want in an easy way. Moreover, you can collect the expiring dates of products in your fridge.
The interior is delineated by a new design concept where key is to communicate the main features of refrigeration with a subtle and elegant but also strong and distinctive aesthetic solution. As a result, the internal elements are adorned with 3D letters or impressed symbols and the user experience becomes unique. Bell’O simplify consumers’ life with a range of products making life at home easy and pleasant.

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