We take feelings brought by the range hood with display to people, man-machine operation and mounting position of this product into consideration comprehensively, provide this machine with the optimum dimensions and screen angle which can not only achieve the general function to exhaust oil smoke, but also let users to operate the display easily, and provide the best user experience. In light of appearance molding, the diamond section factor which is the private property of ROBAM is followed. The deep-bed smoke chamber looks like a trapezoidal tower. The 20-angle front panel not only reduces visual height of the front panel, but also prevents collision and provides convenience for users’ operation. Meanwhile, glass of the front plane is chamfered, in order to reduce visual height of it further. And, our deep blue mirror-like glass produced by 8 processes enhances integrity and the sense of future further. The 7″ color screen and ROKI operating system provide recipes, cooking help, linkage with other kitchen appliances, intuitional interface and operation convenience, etc.

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