The range hood is designed with the simplest geometric shape, fully embodying the texture beauty of the stainless steel and the technological beauty. Its overall design highlights the operation and display area placed at the center of the front panel of the ventilator. The presence of the 7-inch LCD screen is emphasized, so that people can be attracted by its characteristics at their first sight. Robam-8230 is equipped with the ROKI smart operating system originated by ROBAM. With the system, information of thousands of recipes can be transferred to and displayed on the screen of the ventilator through connecting with the wireless network. Besides, the interaction of the ventilator and the cooking utensils makes cooking more convenient and fun. The users can also realize remote control of the ventilator through operating the mobile phone APP, thus making cooking safer and more fun. It is also equipped with tapered oil net exclusively created by ROBAM according to the Chinese cooking characterized by stir frying, greasy and succulent food, so as to create a deeper and larger cavity for gathering cooking fumes and thus significantly improve the efficiency of fumes exhausting.

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