Robam-5610 adopts the basic geometrical shape (square and round) in terms of appearance design and the round-in-square partition style, and presents aesthetic charm in Chinese culture by comparison of square and round. Robam-5610, as the most technically advanced range hood in China, combines technology with humanism closely, initiates the hand-moving sensing control, and improves user-friendly cooking experience. When being started, the wind deflector will be pushed out horizontally, a negative pressure area will be formed and fume will be extracted powerfully. When it is not in use, the surface is flat and easy to be cleaned, and solve fume flow backwards problem of public kitchen flue in China. The embedded ROKI intelligent module is able to connect with your phone by WIFI and realize interactive operation between range hood and phone; and, the double-slide push rod mechanism operates stably and effectively, and enables the range hood to enter into suction mode rapidly.

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