The kitchen is and remains the most popular place in the house. Living space and cooking area merge into one. That is why we create more space and connection to spend time with family and friends in “the heart” of the house. To be able to enjoy this multifunctional space optimally, there is a need for intelligent kitchen ventilation.

At Novy, we push our boundaries and go a step further with Panorama. This cooker hood and hob in one not only has a clean and timeless design, but with its technical ingenuity, it also adapts to your lifestyle.

The ventilation tower is conveniently located at the back of the hob. This not only ensures exceptionally efficient extraction at the source; at the same time there is more freedom of movement during cooking. The special feature of the Novy ventilation tower is that it has three adjustable heights: 10 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm, depending on the height of the cooking pot. After cooking the ventilation tower disappears back into the hob.

It has a powerful induction hob with four adjacent octagonal cooking zones in panorama layout which can be bridged. The hob is activated by pot detection after which the white sliders controls light up.

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