A positive look on the black side!
Whether it’s just a trendy small appliance or complete front panels, exciting contrasts can be created in modern kitchen interiors with a clever mix of materials. The latest gem is showcased with a matt black steel surface and is called berbel Smartline. The attractive façade of the new Smartline conceals the proven energy-saving berbel recirculation technology: the physically well thought-out shape, two additional CapillarTraps and the berbel active carbon odour filters ensure the best air cleaning when cooking in accordance with the berbel principle. The powerful, quiet EC motor and the berbel BackFlow technology that reliably prevents the formation of condensation on the body are of an impressive quality: cooking vapours are captured across the entire rear of the hood with a secondary ventilation circuit so that the surface of the Smartline always remains clean. In addition, the BackFlow technology diverts the vapours into the intake opening of the hood, thus effectively supporting their capture. Energy-saving LED light strips provide a pleasant working light. The 3-level keypad with automatic afterrun and light control is intuitive to use.

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