Island hood with touch control is a representative of the new generation of Gorenje’s intelligent kitchen hoods. Sophisticated yet unobtrusive aesthetics allows it to blend into a variety of ambients, either as a standalone product or as a part of a uniformly designed family of Gorenje cooking appliances. The embossed filters visually expose the patented AdaptAir feature that evenly extracts the polluted air across the entire filter surface for exceptionally efficient filtration. Advanced sensor technology is translated into an intuitive user interface with simple slide touch interaction. Owing to the multiple sensors, the hood can operate in the automatic mode during cooking, or in the ventilation mode when you are not at home. The hood provides care-free cooking as it automatically adjusts the suction power to cooking according to cooking conditions. Usage of glass surfaces, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and dishwasher-safe filters make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Continuously adjustable LED strips provide even lighting for the cooking hob underneath.

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