Flow-in is convergence of hood and induction cooktop which can be integrated in countertop seamlessly. Range hood is completely flush with cooking surfaces. Flow-in is a hybrid product that provides flexible and comprehensive cooking experience in one body. Range hood is formed through angled side walls. The angle of the side walls is designed to provide maximum performance for both of the cooking zones and hide out the filter details to achieve more minimal and simple form. Main body of hood can easily be removed, providing maximum accessibility to interior body, offering ease of cleaning. The compact and slim structure ensures maximum use of storing space under the countertop. Range hood body is integrated to the induction cooktop offering practical installation. Bridge cooking function improves the flexibility of cooking experience. Thanks to bridge function two cooking zones can be merged for bigger pots and pans. Induction cooking technology provides high level of safety. Range hood is flush with cooking surfaces in order to prevent cooking accidents which could happen during moving from one cooking zone to another.

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